25 - 05 - 2016

WID State Data

Each state’s directory contains data files specifically developed for their state.  Information is taken from the Department of Commerce (BEA Income, Census population estimates), Labor (apprenticeship program completions), Defense (military separations by related civilian occupation) and others.  The data files contain national and state data or estimates.  Many also contain information for counties or other statistical areas.

Alabama  Files  README
Alaska  Files  README
Arizona  Files  README
Arkansas  Files  README
California  Files  README
Colorado  Files  README
Connecticut  Files  README
Delaware  Files  README
Florida  Files  README
Georgia  Files  README
Hawaii  Files  README
Idaho  Files  README
Illinois  Files  README
Indiana  Files  README
Iowa  Files  README
Kansas  Files  README
Kentucky  Files  README
Louisiana  Files  README
Maine  Files  README
Maryland  Files  README
Massachusetts  Files  README
Michigan  Files  README
Minnesota  Files  README
Mississippi  Files  README
Missouri  Files  README
Montana  Files  README
Nebraska  Files  README
Nevada  Files  README
New Hampshire  Files  README
New Jersey  Files  README
New Mexico  Files  README
New York  Files  README
North Carolina  Files  README
North Dakota  Files  README
Ohio   Files  README
Oklahoma  Files  README
Oregon  Files  README
Pennsylvania  Files  README
Rhode Island  Files  README
South Carolina   Files  README
South Dakota  Files  README
Tennessee  Files  README
Texas  Files  README
Utah  Files  README
Vermont  Files  README
Virginia  Files  README
Washington  Files  README
West Virginia  Files  README
Wisconsin  Files  README
Wyoming  Files  README
National  Files  README
American Samoa Files README
Micronesia Files README
Guam Files README
Northern Marianas Files README
Puerto Rico Files README
U.S. Virgin Islands Files README

ZIP Code Business Profiles Updated:  The NCSC has updated the ZIP Code Business Files, one of the ARC's nonstandard tables.

O*NET Database Updated: The National O*NET Center has released version 20.3 of the O*NET Database.  This update includes additional content for the alternate titles, tools and technology, and reported titles tables.  See our O*NET Directory page for a link to the latest version. 

Industry-Occupation Links Updated:  The NCSC has updated resources that link occupations to industries in which they are employed.  The source information is from the BLS employment projections and Occupational Employment Statistics programs.  Links can be found on our Crosswalks page.

O*NET Database Updated: The National O*NET Center has released version O*NET 20.2 of the O*NET database.  This release includes updated content for the alternate titles and Tools & Technology tables.  You can download content of this version in Access, delimited text and SAS/PC formats from our O*NET 20.2 page.  See the O*NET Center's news page for more information.

New Prototype Table and Content: Two new items on the WID Non-standard Tables Page: poverty estimates and poverty rates, and state tax collections.