16 - 09 - 2014

O*NET 5.0

The Department of Labor's Occupational Information Network (O*NET) Database has undergone a number of revisions since it s introduction in October of 1998.  For a history of the database updates, visit the O*NET Center's production database page .   
More information about Version 5.0:
  • Released: April 2003
  • Updates: First update from Data Collection Program with a comprehensive update of 54 occupations
  • Structure Changes:  
    • Scales Reference Table: Scale ID variable changed from CHAR(2) to VARCHAR2(3)
    • Ability, Interest, Knowledge, Skills, Work Activity, Work Context, Work Values Tables: Data and Source variables added; Scale ID variable changed from CHAR(2) to VARCHAR2(3), Data Value variable changed from NUMBER(9,6) to NUMBER(5,2)


The NCSC has developed two versions of the O*NET 5.0 database:

    Core Tables
      Access    Description  Download
      FoxPro   Description
Send your general questions about the O*NET classification, including database variables and on-line viewer to the National Center for O*NET Development .
E-mail questions abou the MS Access, Visual FoxPro or SAS dtatabases, or information you find on this site to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

O*NET Database, Emerging Tasks updated:  The National O*NET Center has released Version 19.0 of their O*NET Database as a development release.  This version will go into production in O*NET Online and other online applications in the fall. The NCSC has several versions of the O*NET 19.0 and O*NET Supplemental Filess files available for downloading.

Military Crosswalk Revised:  The Defense Manpower Data Center has released a quarterly update to the file that links military occupations to those from the SOC and O*NET classifications.  Files are available for downloading from the NCSC's FTP server.  A Workforce Information Database version is also available.

The NCSC has further defined the characteristics of comma-delimited text files it distributes.

BEA Income Revised:  The Bureau of Economic Analysis has released revisions to their estimates of personal income.  Revisions for the nation and states covered 1929-2999.  County, metro and micro statistical areas and metropolitan divisions covered 1969-2000.