15 - 09 - 2014

Latest News

Military Crosswalk Updated (07/24/13):  The NCSC has added the Department of Defense's July 2013 revision to their crosswalk resource that links military occupations to their counterparts from the SOC and O*NET classifications.  The file, MILX0713.ZIP is available for downloading from the NCSC's FTP server.

O*NET Data Updated (07/23/13):  The National O*NET Center has released Version 18.0 of the O*NET Database as a production database.  It's scheduled to go into production in O*NET Online and other online applications in the fall of 2013.  For more information, see our O*NET 18.0 page.

Tools and Technology Update (02/21/13):  The National O*NET Center has released an update to their Tools and Technology database.  These files identify machines, equipment, tools and software that workers in high-performance workplaces use for optimal performance.  Check their news page for more information.  MS Access and SAS/PC versions are available for downloading from our O*NET Supplemental Files page.

Military Crosswalk Updated (10/31/12): The NCSC has posted the October 2012 to the Defense Manpower Data Center's military-civilian crosswalk file for downloading.  This file links military occupations to those from the Standard Occupational Classification and O*NET occupations.  The file MILX1012.ZIP is available for downloading from the center's FTP server.

O*NET Lay Titles Updated (10/30/12): The National O*NET Center has released their lay titles file.  This resource links over 44,000 common job titles to O*NET occupations and is used in a number of online applications.  There are links to Access, Visual FoxPro and SAS/PC versions of this file on the NCSC's O*NET Supplemental Files page.

Prototype Demographic Table Content Updated (10/26/12): The NCSC has updated the content available for use in the Workforce Information Database prototype population demographics table.  This update adds three-year American Community Survey estimates for 2009-2011.  You'll find information about this data on our Workforce Information Database Non-Standard Tables page.

O*NET Database Version 17.0 Moved to Production (09/28/12): The National O*NET Center has moved Version 17.0 of the O*NET Database into production in their O*NET Online and other applications.  You'll find links to information about this version and database files you can download on our O*NET 17.0 database page.