25 - 05 - 2017

Licensing Info

A number of resources are available on the NCSC's Internet FTP server.  This page documents those resources and provides links to the information.  Included among the resources is an MS Access database designed for creating the licensing files through data entry or pasting information from other applications.  

The NCSC has assembled state licensing information for display on the web since 1998.  The center has prepared a  Document that includes information about  NCSC processing of files to prepare them for use in ACINet and the services the NCSC can provide to help states deal with issues that arise.
File Structure
The table structures are based on those found in version 2.5 of the Workforce Information Database, but they differ because of the unique needs of the ACINet application.  This  Document lists the table structures used and documents differences from the standard Workforce Information Database tables.
Licensing Database Containers The NCSC has developed an MS Access database container for the ACINet licensing tables.  The tables in these files contain fields not used by ACINet, but which are populated for use in ACINet.
License-Occupation Link Enhancements  The license-occupation crosswalk table (LICXOCC in the Workforce Information Database, LICXONET for use in CareerOneStop).  This addition allows relationships between a single license and multiple occupations.  The NCSC has prepared an Excel spreadsheet that illustrates a prototype set of  relationships for engineers, teachers, social workers, registered nurses, dentists, counselors, physicians (MD & DO) and psychologists.  The majority of these links are included in state updates sent to CareerOneStop.  The center will help states modify their file contents to incorporate these changes.
Q & A Still need answers?  Check this  pdficon document first.
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