25 - 05 - 2017

O*NET 13.0

The Department of Labor's Occupational Information Network (O*NET) Database has undergone a number of revisions since it s introduction in October 1998. For a history of the database updates, visit the O*NET Center's production database page .
More information about Version 13.0:
  • Released: June 2008
  • Updates: Comprehensive update of 108 occupations (Errata posted 6/18/09)
  • NOTE: Database contents and related documentation were updated on 1/9/14 to reflect a table name change from ABILITY to ABILITIES introduced in Version 9.0 of the O*NET Database.  Changes were made to the FoxPro version of the database.
  • Structure Changes:
    • Task Ratings, Task Statements, Task Categories added as new tables
    • Survey Booklet Locations table: Added SCALE ID variable


The NCSC has developed three versions of the O*NET 13.0 database:
    Core Tables
    Access   Description Download
    FoxPro   Description
    SAS/PC   Description Download

Tasks (Version 5.1 format) *    
Access   Description Download
SAS/PC   Description Download
* Task information in version 13.0 uses a different file structure. These tables contain the updated task information in the file format used in earlier versions.
Send your general questions about the O*NET classification, including database variables and on-line viewer to the National Center for O*NET Development .
E-mail questions about the MS Access, Visual FoxPro or SAS dtatabases, or information you find on this site to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
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O*NET Database Updated: The National O*NET Center has released version 21.2 of the O*NET Database.  This update includes additional content for the tools and technology, and reported titles tables.  See our O*NET Directory page for a link to the latest version. 

NCSC Annual Report:  The National Crosswalk Service Center has released their annual activity report for the year ending June 30, 2016.

Military Crosswalk Updated:  The February 2017 military crosswalk files has been formatted for use with the WID.  A links to structure information and a database file can be found on our Non-Standard Data.

Poverty Estimates Updated: The NCSC has updated the content of the non-standard POVERTY table.  See the Non-Standard Data page for more information.

O*NET Database Updated:  The National O*NET Center has released version 21.1 of the O*NET Database.  This update includes updated reported titles, and tools and technologies.  See our O*NET Directory page for a link to this latest release.

Industry-Occupation Links Updated:  The NCSC has updated resources that link occupations to industries in which they are employed.  The source information is from the BLS employment projections and Occupational Employment Statistics programs.  Links can be found on our Crosswalks page.