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The NCSC has long been involved in the development and distribution of resources that link occupation and training classifications to each other.  This page includes links to crosswalk files and other information that grows out of those efforts.  The files were developed for use with database software, and a FoxPro format is most commonly used.  You should see the contents of our file formats  page for more information about the files available from this site. 

The applications that make use of crosswalk files are as diverse as the number of people who develop them.  The NCSC recognizes the impossibility of developing crosswalk files that are suitable for every use, so the files developed by the center are presented as prototype sets of relationships.  Users must review the content of any downloaded files to ensure the appropriateness of the contents for their particular application.

Users should note that the order in which classifications are presented in the descriptions of the files does not restrict their use.  Software that can access the file contents can sort or index the file's content so that it can be viewed with either classification as the primary sort field.

 NCSC Prototype Crosswalk files

 Occupation-to-Occupation Crosswalks
    SOC to 2000 census occupations: Description   Download
    SOC to 2002 census occupations: Description   Download
    SOC and O*NET to military occupations:  Description   Download

Occupation-to-Training classification Crosswalks

    SOC to CIP:  Description  Download  User Guide
    O*NET to CIP:   Description  Download

 Training classifications Crosswalk
    1990 CIP to 2000 CIP:   Description  Download

Occupation-to-Industry Linkages (updated to latest information: 2010 SOC, 2012 NAICS)
    SOC to NAICS (Occupational Employment Statistics):  Description  Download (updated 4/13/17)
    SOC to NAICS (Employment Projections Program): Description  Download (updated 3/31/16)

Industry-to-Industry Crosswalk
     NAICS to SIC:   Census Bureau Resources 

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